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2 Tips For Exterior Maintenance And Upkeep For Your Business

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When you own your own business, you need to ensure you have good exterior maintenance and upkeep. The last thing you want to happen is one of your customers to walk up to your door and see a messy and unkempt exterior. Follow the tips below to keep the outside of your business looking great. Trash Removal You can hire a company to remove your trash for you to make sure you keep up with it. Read More»

New to Cooking? Don't Let Grease Damage Your Pipes

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When it comes to cooking, grease is a staple in the kitchen. From keeping your food moist to frying foods, you likely use your fair share of grease when cooking meals for your household. It’s important that you are disposing of your grease properly. A common mistake some homeowners make is to simply toss the grease down the drain, but this seemingly minor action comes along with harsh consequences that won’t just affect your plumbing system today, but for years down the road. Read More»

What Hazardous Waste May You Be Disposing Of Improperly?

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When you hear the term “hazardous waste,” you may think of nuclear reactors or heavy-duty chemicals housed in a solid steel barrel. However, your own household likely generates a fair amount of hazardous waste each year, and you may be disposing of this waste improperly. Not only can this harm the environment, it may subject you to fines or other civil penalties. Read on to learn more about some common types of hazardous household waste, as well as how you can properly dispose of this waste. Read More»

Why You Might Want To Consider Professional Document Organization Before Storing Papers

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If you manage an office, you know how difficult it can be to go fully paperless. Some items just have to be printed out so that you have a hard copy in case your electronic system fails. But that leads to lots of paper files if your business stays around for a long time. Occasionally culling the files and shredding them helps, but items that you need to keep indefinitely often have to go into storage. Read More»

Where Do I Put All These Old Cell Phones?

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Maybe this scenario is familiar to you: You’re trying to clean out your life and you come upon a stash of once highly used but now “old news” cell phones, electronic cords, cameras, and battery chargers. Or maybe you have an old bulky and yellowed computer collecting dust in a corner that should instead be giving your house a bit more feng shui. “What in the world do I do with this? Read More»

Teaching Your Children The Importance Of Recycling – Why We Recycle And How They Can Help

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No matter where you live, you likely have the ability to recycle. Many cities or states in the US require residents to recycle certain items. However, even if not required, it is important that everyone do their part to help reduce waste. As a parent, there are a number of ways to get your children involved in recycling. Recycling Made Simple Children, especially young ones, don’t need a long drawn out explanation about recycling. Read More»

Everyday Uses For Shredded Tires

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A tire shredding machine does exactly as the name implies: it shreds tires. While shredding tires is good because small pieces take up less space in a landfill, there are actually other uses for shredded tires. Here are some examples of ways to use shredded tires for home projects: Playgrounds A playground is fun for kids, but it can also be dangerous. If your child falls from the playground, they might get hurt on the hard ground. Read More»

3 Creative Fundraiser Ideas

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If you are looking to raise money for an event, a trip, or a community service project, you should think outside of the box when it comes to thinking of things and services to sell. People are more willing to donate items they don’t want, or spend money on things they need, instead of overpriced trinkets and candies. Here are a few things you want to consider doing for your fundraiser, to make it easier to get the money you need. Read More»

Should You Recycle Or Reuse An Old Hard Drive?

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Some people need to change computers with every new year’s releases. Whether you’re interested in the newest device or in dire need of an entire department’s upgrade, you should be sure to look into certain recyclable materials and components that can be reused. As you remove old systems and prepare for upgrades, take a few of the following points into consideration as you remove the hard drive. Hard Drives Are Valuable When Working Or Broken Read More»