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Everyday Uses For Shredded Tires

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A tire shredding machine does exactly as the name implies: it shreds tires. While shredding tires is good because small pieces take up less space in a landfill, there are actually other uses for shredded tires. Here are some examples of ways to use shredded tires for home projects:


A playground is fun for kids, but it can also be dangerous. If your child falls from the playground, they might get hurt on the hard ground. One of the best ways to protect your little ones is to spread shredded tires around the playground. Build a box around the playground using boards, and then fill it in with shredded tire pieces. When kids fall from the monkey bars, they will land on soft and squishy tires.

Garden Mulch

Rubber tires are good for gardens. Mix small pieces of shredded tire in with your mulch and use it when you plant your flowers. The nutrients from the mulch will help your plants grow. The rubber won't absorb water and take it away from the plants much like wood mulch would. The rubber does absorb heat, which keeps the temperature of the soil down. The best thing about rubber mulch is that it prevents weeds from growing, making less work for you.

Tire Fuel

Using tires as fuel is meant for industrial businesses. If you run a cement kiln for work then you might be interested in using tire derived fuel. It burns hot and is safer than other fossil fuels. It is also readily available, since old tires are everywhere. There are companies that will turn the tires into fuel for you, or you can burn it yourself. It is not recommended to use tire fuel for household use. It burns much to hot. It is great for small businesses that want to save money.

Rubberized Cement

Asphalt used to make roads is often mixed with tire rubber pieces. The rubber means less asphalt is used, which saves money. It also creates a slightly bouncy pavement that resists cracks and last longer. You can use shredded tires in your cement to achieve the same results. Use shredded tires if you want to pave your driveway or make a basketball court in your backyard. You'll save money and make a longer lasting project.

Once a tire has completed its life on a vehicle, it could end up piled in a landfill. Or, it could be shredded and put to use in one of these ways.