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3 Creative Fundraiser Ideas

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If you are looking to raise money for an event, a trip, or a community service project, you should think outside of the box when it comes to thinking of things and services to sell. People are more willing to donate items they don't want, or spend money on things they need, instead of overpriced trinkets and candies. Here are a few things you want to consider doing for your fundraiser, to make it easier to get the money you need.

Scrap Metal Recycling

Go around and collect scrap metal that people don't want, or advertise a drop off day when people can bring in their items. If someone has an item lying around their house and they don't want to take it to the scrap yard on there, they probably don't have a problem letting you take it or dropping it off. This will help you get cash for the items that are dropped off. The cash comes right when you turn in the items, and you are keeping the metal out of landfills in the area.

Mulch Delivery

Mulch is used to improve landscaping, and many homeowners will purchase this at the beginning of every spring, or once a year to make their home look great on the outside. Offering people a product that they already have to buy is a great way to make money. Find a mulching company that has no problem letting you buy the mulch at cost, and then increase the price per pound to the customers. Many landscaping companies may already have programs like this you can join.

Gift Card Sales

You can buy gift cards from local retailers and stores, and get people to buy gift cards to stores they were already going to shop at, like grocery stores and gas stations. This is an easy item to sell, because people are going to spend the money at the different locations anyway.

People don't like feeling obligated to buy things that they may not like or will never use, but they don't mind being charitable or helping to raise money when they are also going to benefit from what they donate or buy. Collecting items for a large garage sale can be ideal as well if you can find a place to locate the event. Think outside the box when coming up with your fundraiser, to do something people will want to contribute to.