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4 Safety Tips To Observe When Collecting, Sorting, And Recycling Ferrous Steel

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The scrap metal recycling industry has high returns when done right. You'll need to find ways to streamline your scrap collection and sorting operations and improve efficiency. The process involves handling metal objects with sharp joints, rust on surfaces, and serrated edges. Therefore, it is important to employ a few safety tips to protect you and your employees from injuries. The following are safety tips to observe when collecting ferrous steel for recycling.

1. Invest in Safety Gear

Rust on metal can be hazardous, especially if the object bruises or cuts your skin. But this should not scare you away. You can invest in safety gear to protect yourself and your employees. Consider investing in quality work boots, heavy-duty gloves, goggles, and face masks. You can also request your employees to go for tetanus vaccination before working. Prevention would be the best way to handle common safety issues around your ferrous metal collection site.

2. Purchase Hauling Equipment

Lifting and transporting scrap metal on your back can cause knee and back injuries. Hard manual labor can be tedious and neck-breaking. Your employees might not be there long enough to grow your ferrous steel collection business. However, you can protect them by purchasing hauling equipment. Get carts, dollies, and ramps to reduce the chances of sustaining physical injuries and strains. The equipment makes work easier and more efficient since you can now carry a lot more within a short time.

3. Watch Out for Chemical and Toxic Substances

Cars and appliances make suitable sources of ferrous steel. Most collectors are required to dismantle the car and retrieve the ferrous steel. The process might involve coming into contact with toxic residue and fluids such as refrigerants and gasoline. It is best not to touch or handle the chemicals with bare hands. Train your employees to avoid components holding any hazardous chemicals. Find proper ways to dispose of the chemicals and keep them away from open flames. This should go a long way to reduce potential safety hazards.

4. Find a Convenient and Safe Transport Solution

The last thing you want is to discover sorted steel flying out of your truck bed and landing on another driver's vehicle on the road. Some recycling companies provide towing services. However, you'll need to make the deliveries yourself or hire a third party if your company does not offer pick-up services. In that case, you might want to protect the scrap in transit. You can also ask for help from the recycling company to ensure the safe delivery of the ferrous steel collections.

The above are some general safety tips to observe in your yard when collecting and sorting ferrous steel for recycling. They go a long way to keeping your business operations alive and your employees safe.  

For more information, contact a ferrous steel recycling service near you.