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What To Know About Grease Traps & Recycling

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Whether you are cooking a food that has natural oil in it or adding oil on your own, it isn't something that should be placed in the kitchen sink drain. A scenario in which grease can easily get into a sink drain and have a negative impact on the plumbing system is a restaurant that sells a lot of greasy menu items. Unfortunately, grease clogs in plumbing lines are some of the most difficult to remove, which is why they should be prevented at all costs. Rather than taking such a risk if you own such a restaurant, you can get a grease trap installed that is able to capture grease so it can be recycled. Learn more about grease traps and grease recycling in the remainder of this article.

Grease Trap Installation

When it comes to getting a grease trap installed, it can be placed beneath the kitchen sink in your restaurant. The part of the trap that stores the grease is usually placed on the outside of the building, which is helpful from preventing bad grease odors in the building. You might need to get more than one grease trap installed if there are multiple sinks in your restaurant kitchen. Another area where grease traps are sometimes installed is beneath the ground in a kitchen. However, sink installation is a lot easier and might be the least expensive of the options as it does not require a hole to be made in the floor.

Keeping a Grease Trap Clean

If you decide to get a grease trap installed, keep in mind that it will have to be manually cleaned out. If you allow the trap to overfill, it will no longer be as effective as it should, which could cause plumbing problems in your restaurant. You don't actually have to clean the grease out of the trap on your own. There are contractors that are in the business of cleaning grease traps, and the grease can be properly disposed of or taken to recycling centers. You should get your grease trap cleaned out on a regular basis if you cook a lot of greasy foods.

Why Recycling Grease Is Useful

Getting the grease from your restaurant recycled is a good idea because it can be used for various things. For example, grease can be recycled and turned into lubricant products, especially the type that uses natural ingredients. It is also possible for the recycled grease to be used in the production of food for animals.